What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is one of the most sought-after treatments at Integrated Medical Center of Corona. Medical weight loss treatment is different from fad diets and diet supplements because it is a customized treatment plan prescribed specifically for you and your body by a physician, ensuring that you are properly nourished and not depriving or sacrificing anything for your body in the process. Our education protocols and use of specific apps set us apart from other weight loss programs that are simply “pill clinics.”

In order to most accurately build your medical weight loss program, patients can expect to provide a thorough medical history as well as have the percentages of fat, water and muscle in your body measured in order to give the medical staff a better idea of your body’s composition and how it will best respond to treatment.

We will provide you with a weight loss treatment program that is specific to your needs.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our multidisciplinary medical and wellness center in Corona, CA utilizes both traditional and holistic methods to treat your whole self as well as your specific health concerns. You will be thoroughly examined by our medical staff, and our multi-disciplined doctors will work together to create a customized care plan for you to treat you in multiple ways but with one direction.

Why Go to Integrated Medical Corona for Medical Weight Loss?

Integrated Medical Weight Loss provides an exceptional weight loss program. Our medical weight loss program has been developed by doctors and nutritionists through hours of research and clinical experience and follows the protocols for American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the National Institute for Health.

Losing weight can be a frustrating, long-term process. Often, overweight individuals become disappointed and resort to “quick fix” methods that do not always promote health in the long term. At Integrated Medical Center of Corona, promote healthy weight loss programs that are safe, effective and prescribed by our medical team to keep you healthy after the weight is gone.
We understand that health concerns often cannot be treated with a single solution. All of our patients receive an individualized care plan that utilizes both traditional and holistic methods, including our medical weight loss program.

Your individualized medical weight loss care plan will truly depend on you as an individual and your body’s needs. Our nutrition counseling will assist you in breaking your addiction to food and help you adopt a new diet and eating perspective.

Whether you’re looking for weight loss for women or men, and want to lose 50 pounds or 10, contact us [hyperlink] today for a free consultation. Where conventional methods have fallen short of your expectations, we will help you find long-term solutions.