Benefits of Physical Therapy

Studies have shown that physical therapy is an equally effective and cheaper alternative to prescription medications or surgery for a variety of chronic pain issues.

The patient receives a sense of empowerment by being an active part of his or her recovery process. It is a form of treatment that can be used across the board for all ages and abilities.

Physical therapy exercises are beneficial by themselves, but in conjunction with other traditional and holistic treatments, you will receive the optimum benefits not only to the area you are experiencing pain, but to your whole body and self. In addition to our in-house physical therapist, Complete Wellness NYC’s state-of-the-art facility also boasts a gym and yoga studio as well as doctors of chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture to effectively work in conjunction with your physical therapy.

Physical Therapy

Why Choose Integrated Medical?

At Integrated Medical Group of Corona, we understand that when your body is injured, you want to get it back to working order as soon as possible. Whether it’s a sports injury, a traumatic injury or chronic pain, Integrated Medical Group of Corona has a custom care plan ready to get you back on track using multiple, unified health disciplines.

Contact Integrated Medical Group of Corona today for your free consultation and let us help you find long-term health solutions for not only your body, but your whole self.